Monday, June 11, 2007

More FO's

Finally, I have a picture of the completed Just One More Row Sweater. I mostly stuck to the pattern, just changed the sleeves and side panels. In order to get the neckline this low, the back is also this low, so it kept falling off my shoulders. I finally solved the problem by crocheting a 1" wide strip and attaching it across the back neck. It worked like a charm and felt really secure when I wore it the other day.

Remember the fairisle sweater I was making after taking the Philosopher's Wool 2-handed fairisle class? Well, it was finished up to the armholes and I was just procrastinating on continuing. Not so much fear of steeking, as reluctance to knit small cuffs and sleeves in the round. Let's be honest - I had just grown bored with the thing! And had also come to the conclusion that a) I would never wear it - too warm for LA. and b) when finished, I would never be able to sell it for the $gazillion$ that would compensate me for the expensive yarn and hundreds of hours of labor.

One day, while working on totes for the California Contemporary Crafts Market (Sharon and I finally got our application finished) I noticed that it was the same width as the totes I usually cover with crochet. And so - after crocheting a nice bottom and adding some embroidery and beads - I now have a fairisle tote - only worth a half a $gazillion$!