Thursday, January 22, 2009


TNNA _ January 2009, San Diego, CA

Monoyarnamous is a word I just coined during a communication with a Ravelry friend. It is what I am trying to be, but man, it's hard.

Just as when looking for that one partner who could keep me monogamous for the rest of my life, I had to try a lot of yarn first before marrying just one.

And I chose .... Claudia!
And here are the reasons why.
1) Love love love her colors. Claudia is not afraid of color. She's playful, serious, or sophisticated. She has A LOT of colorways and I find that the more I become intimate with each one, the more I like it.
2) She also has a lot of textures.
3) Claudia herself is such a nice person and creative spirit. We are on the same page in our approach to our businesses.
4) Inside each of her yarn labels it says "Peace, love, comfort and Joy."

But it is so hard to stay monoyarnamous. Every day I see yarns that set off beautiful designs on the screen of my imagination and start my fingers twitching to touch and shape them into my dreams. I can't tell you how many loaded shopping carts I have closed my browser on.

The thing that keeps me on track is the inconvenient truth that I stare at every day - my stash above and beyond life expectancy. Every ball and skein purchased with best of intentions and a flash (or flood) of creative vision of its potential possibilities. Put aside, mostly where I can't even see them.

Like a sperm bank - just shelf after shelf of possibilities.