Monday, October 05, 2009

Good Timing!

My shopping cart is broken! (sad face)

It happened because my webhost was changed by Costco. I had, up until then, been extremely happy with the webhost provided by Costco, mainly because of the excellent customer service.

This new one has foreign customer service, what Leo Laport calls 'customer no service'. They couldn't help me, but took several hours on 3 separate occasions to tell me, and of course, blamed my shopping cart itself.

Excuse me - but you lost the file while transferring and now my shopping cart just loops around until it gives up.

I never liked my shopping cart, anyway. It was a program written by sadists who liked feeling superior to their users. Also had 'customer no service'.

So I'm having whole new website built by my favorite webmaster, Peter Eastwood, who will be putting in a new, user friendly shopping cart and will be hosting it himself. I took advantage of this opportunity to redesign the website and can hardly wait to be able to invite you (my 11 regular readers) to view it.

Stay tuned! And in the mean time, if you want to buy something from my site, contact me at info at ellenewarren dot com, please, and I will hand process your order.