Monday, June 04, 2007

Better Late Than Not At All

Here's part of the Memorial Day Barbeque. The roast is having close personal contact with the back end of the chicken. It tasted wonderful!

And I finally got Eden to take a picture of me wearing the pink and green sweater.

And here's what I made with some yarn leftover from the sweater, plus a little bit of this and that.

I have a big laundry basket filled with large plastic bags where I keep the ends of project yarns, sorted by color. This is really convenient when doing freeform or when I need just a little embellishment.

What have I been doing lately? Making one of a kind items for the California Contemporary Crafts Market. My friend, Sharon and I are applying for a booth together. Optimistic of me to be making inventory when I haven't even put in my application yet, let alone been accepted....

I have my 5 photos ready. One of them is the purse above. Here are the others: