Friday, August 31, 2007

Beaded Garden Party Slide Show

Thanks, Ellen, for sharing this terrific resource!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Garden Party Scarf

First, something for your breakfast! Actually, I made it a week ago and it disappeared a day later. Being too careful of my calories, I only ate a half a piece. I gave a hunk to the neighbors. The rest was consumed with gusto by my two sweet-toothed men.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Melt 1 stick butter and add 1/2 C brown sugar, heat until caramelized. Pour into buttered 9x12 glass baking pan.
Add rings from 1 can pineapple rings in heavy syrup, breaking rings in half when necessary to fit pan.
Place a maraschino cherry in center of each ring.
Prepare 1 box yellow cake mix as directed on box, substituting the juice from the can of pineapple for the water (add water if necessary to achieve proper amount of liquid.
Bake according to directions.
When cake is done, allow to cool about 5 minutes, then invert on plate or, as I do, on a foil lined cookie sheet.



This is the scarf I just can't seem to keep people from stealing. I am hoping that it will appeal equally to someone who wants to buy it!

As I work frantically on inventory for the Contemporary Crafts Market, I am planning on offering items from my pattern line as completed creations. This one is made from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, colorway Fire on the Mountain.

Before blocking:

After blocking:

And a pair of baby socks from the leftover yarn:

Oh, Lucky Scarf

So far, I have made 3 of these. I have offered the pattern to a brilliant yarn dyeing artist, but the e-mails seem to be lost. Is this a sign that I should just self publish? I am working on one now in Koigu. If I don't hear back from her by the time the Koigu is finished, will that be a sign that I should self-publish this pattern? Or offer to a magazine?

I am quite fond of Interweave Crochet. Maybe...

This one is the first and is made from some KnitPicks sock yarn.Size D hook. Takes a couple of days solid work.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Workroom Has Exploded

I had a lot of energy last night and just HAD to try out a new crochet stitch pattern inspired by this book.

I just had to use this yarn.

Unfortunately, the box containing the yarn I needed was at the bottom of the overloaded closet. I was too obsessed with wanting to see the stitch pattern worked up to put everything back after the yarn exploded.

So I guess my work is cut out for me this morning.

I guess that explains why I am posting to the blog again, after adding the new FO's to Ravelry. Procrastination, thy name is Yarnartist!

A Couple More FO's

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket for Luka. I finally made one and it was fast, fun and everything everyone says EXCEPT I don't think this one is the right proportions! The neck opening is too small and the length/width ratio seems incorrect. I am sure this is the fault of my yarn choice (Elann's Filati Sailor) and the needles (US4). I did like the 100% cotton yarn (very much - I bought 2 balls of nearly every color Elann offered) but maybe not for this design. I don't make them, but it seems like it would be good at a very tight gauge for dishcloths.

Here are some more socks for Afghans for Afghans. The yarn is ancient, from my stash, Regia Mini Ringel Color, and the patterns are from my twisted little mind. I can make socks in my sleep. The patterning (like the one in the larger pair) just comes out my fingers and is usually derived from whatever else I have been working on. This one was derived from the Chevron Scarf, only instead of k1,m1's, I did k1, yo's, resulting in lacy chevrons. The short row heels are so much easier and I think more attractive than the flap heels.

I especially like that the stripes match. With yarn this defined, I know I would hate if they didn't.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Stephanie and Luka and Some FO's

Meet my god-daughter's newest creation - Luka Alexandra. Born on Saturday morning with a minimum amount of discomfort, she is precious and tiny. I went to see them on Sunday and brought them some new socks!

The Monkeys and baby socks are made from Rio de la Plata sock yarn. Baby sock pattern was out of my frenzied mind.

Me and Luka! It's so amazing to remember how small they are when they first pop out.

I had enough yarn left over from the Kaffe Fassett yarn to make a little baby pair. I am collecting some socks to send to Afghans for Afghans.

This is the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I saw it on Ravelry and HAD to make one. I used 2 different colorways of Claudia's Handpainted Sock Yarn and was totally delighted with the way they blended. It's a mindless knit - very good for social knitting and hey Ellen! A wonderful procrastination project!

And speaking of Ravelry! What fun! What a party! I wish everyone could get on it. Because of Ravelry, I have discovered Flickr and Picnik and now my life is (nearly) complete!

If only my own website were as easy to use. I would have uploaded all those PDF versions of my patterns that my sister formatted for me! I would have my new website up and running! Instead I futz around with blogger and ravelry because it is easy and fun.

And speaking of futzing - I am wondering why I spend so much time knitting other people's patterns while visions of delight run through my mind. I know the answer - it is because knitting other people's designs (even with my own variations) is relaxing and fun. Working on my own is stressful and not fun.

When I designed in fabric, there was no equivalent. I was never tempted to buy ready made patterns because they were not fun. It was stressful and not fun to make my own patterns, but so much faster to see the end result - I think that had something to do with it.

So I continue to buy yarn and dream of the possibilities. I will never show anyone the sum total of my stash. It is too terrifying to even look at all at once myself. I keep finding new pockets of storage so I can still manage to fit into my workroom.

The Chevron Vest

Striped Vest, front
Originally uploaded by mrsw9
From Knitters, Summer, 2007. I changed nearly everything about this pattern - made the neckline deeper, used 2 differnt weight yarns and adjusted the sides, which I knit in garter stitch rather that stockinette. I do like the way it came out and will probably continue to develop the pattern.

4th Wig

4th Wig
Originally uploaded by mrsw9
This is why I haven't had time to write in my blog. although I have been sworn to secrecy regarding my wig making activities, I think I can show you the photo without revealing any secrets.

This is the 4th wig I've made and I must say - it is THE MOST TEDIOUS, INTENSE WORK I HAVE EVER UNDERTAKEN!

I think my wig-making career might die on the vine!