Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Am Powerless Before Beautiful Yarn

In this case, I believe I over-reacted. But here it is - my shipment of Kauni from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions. One skein of every color she had of Kauni. Interesting colors - very scratchy - along the lines of Philosopher's Wool. I am probably going to MK it and felt it. What I fell for was the long repeats so the yarn stripes rather than puddles or splotches. Will post photos when something gets knit up to my satisfaction. (don't hold your breath)

But a note about Astrid. She couldn't have been more delightful to order from and the yarn arrived very fast - less than a week and a half from Holland!

An FO - a tiny pair of baby socks from the most recent sock kit from Tsarina. Her design didn't 'knock my socks off'. It was this color background with dark brown knitted on lattice work, embroidered green leaves and a row of bright orange pumpkin or tomato things at the top. As much as I loved the Kitri Sock, this one just wasn't my cuppa T. The next one is also a stack of unrelated colors in the concept of a triple decker ice cream cone. I probably won't be making that one, either, but I do love her imagination and give her a lot of kudos for thinking outside of the box.

I am coming to the conclusion that I am too free-spirited to be a sock club member. I haven't used the STR yarn for any of the sock club patterns, either.

It's interesting how many vendors have formed their own clubs, inspired, no doubt, by the astronomical success of Blue Moon (over $400,000 worth of sales for one year in sock club memberships alone) Tina's yarn has got to be among the top 2 I have ever used - the other being Koigu. After that, my favorites include Noro, Collinette, Prism and Malabrigo. And trust me, I am set in case any of them ever go out of business!

I also finished this new pink tote for the November Crafts Show. Sharon and I got our applications in and now are waiting to see if we have been accepted. If not, I will sure have a lot of totes and shawls!