Friday, May 25, 2007

Eden Got New Shoes

On the left is my foot. (size 7.5) On the right are Eden's new shoes. I am so glad Eden has no desire for hand made socks!

These are Monkey socks from Knitty by Cookie A. The yarn is Merino Wool hand painted, Flame colorway by Yummee Yarn.
Loved the pattern, loved the yarn, not crazy about the pattern in this yarn. BTW, the 2 socks really are the same size - not sure why they don't look it in the photo.

After weighing it, I didn't think there was enough to make the both socks entirely from this yarn, so I used the contrasting cuff and toe trick. There would have been plenty, as it turned out, so I made a pair of baby socks but the photo is too blurry to share.

The yarn is lovely, soft and spongy, very much like Socks That Rock. It's just that the colors are so busy that the Monkey stitch pattern is lost.

I am making another pair with a nearly solid yarn and am much happier with the result. Will post a photo when completed.

I made 3 new sweaters in the last couple of weeks but am waiting for someone to take my picture wearing them so I can show you.

Only a few more days of school and then summer officially starts!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

eBay: Ellene Warren Sexy Black Jersey Dress Back Out size s (item 330120723270 end time May-23-07 14:37:26 PDT)

Every once in a while, my e-bay search comes up with a listing for one of my old designs. This one was a big seller for me back in the day. Here is the story of it's conception:

I was a workaholic - 6 days a week, from early morning till after 7 every night, I would be at the store, doing the work of at least 3 people - designing, making the patterns, cutting and sewing the first samples, buying the fabric, doing every fitting myself, managing the production staff, and whatever else needed to be done. I never took a day off - in fact, in the entire 18 and a half years I had a store (or stores), I only took 2 two week vacations.

But on this one particular day, I couldn't get myself going and decided to stay home. I can't remember why, but it probably had to do with heartbreak over the romance (that's another story - a book in fact)

While watching an old movie - can't remember what - I had the idea for this dress with a contoured collar and a low v in front and a v to the waist in the back. I got up, got dressed, hopped in my black Corvette, and tooled down Benedict Canyon to West Hollywood. And this dress was born - made from matte jersey, slinky, sexy, and I knew it was a winner before anyone ever tried it on. It had a matching belt that closed with a rhinestone frog - must have been lost on this one here, but it cinched in the waist and the jersey draped beautifully above and below. Nothing drapes as nicely as matte jersey. I went through bolts and bolts of it. In fact, I probably still have part of a bolt in my storage.

I also made this design as a top in matte jersey with individually applied sequins with a plain skirt, belt and neckband.

eBay: Ellene Warren Sexy Black Jersey Dress Back Out size s (item 330120723270 end time May-23-07 14:37:26 PDT)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

All Knitting, All the Time

This last week I didn't have to drive one single person to one single doctor's appointment. (Reese did go to the dentist but he took himself) so I got a lot of work done!

Violetta is finished! It didn't take 2 1/2 weeks to crochet the violets, after all. But it did take a LOT of time - didn't time myself but I would estimate 15 - 20 hours? I plan to make a swingy little tank tunic to go under it. Am trying to figure out the pattern in my head as I work on other things. Maybe will try a mock-up this afternoon after my chauffeur duties are over.

Here is the pattern for the violet edging:
On base of sc sts, multiple of 7.
*Ch6, skip next 4 sts, sc in next st, ch4, skip next st, sc in next st; turn. [Ch4, sc in ch-4 lp] 3 times, sl st in last ch-6 lp, [sc, hdc, dc, trc, remove hook, insert from front to back in 2nd trc of last petal of last flower made, return hook and pull thru, trc, dc, hdc, sc] in first ch-4 lp, [sc, hdc, dc, 5trc, dc, hdc, sc] in next ch-4 lp, [sc, hdc, dc, 2trdc, dc, hdc, sc] on next ch-4 lp; rep from * around.

I decided to make myself a couple of stress-free summer sweaters from other people's patterns. This one is by Jill Vosburg and I just love her patterns! It is called Heartbeat Sweater and I would have finished it but I ran out of yarn and had to order more. This much knitting took less than 8 hours! Of course, I couldn't just order more of one yarn, so I had to order enough to get the discount! The BIG discount! (those clever yarn retailers)

So while waiting for the yarn to come, I started another sweater for myself from the newest Knitter's. I so loved the yarn the sample was shown in that I had already ordered it and am planning on finishing it this weekend.
This yarn is very nice to work with on the Addi's, which I had all but abandoned, much preferring the Knitpicks Options. But the duller tip is better, since the yarn splits very easily. It seems pricey, but the balls are bigger, and the long repeats are really nice for modules.

I am too ashamed to show you pictures of all the yarn and books I bought to get me through the Fake Brain Tumor Crisis, but I will just mention that I am still expecting 5 more shipments next week! My workroom, which had been reorganized several months ago with a lot of yarn moved down to the storeroom behind the garage, is once again bulging. I'm knitting as fast as I can! But my imagination works much faster than my fingers can ever hope to keep up. At least there are no calories in yarn!