Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Helping Hand Cuff for Parkinson's Disease Awareness

When healer/designer, elle Warren, wanted to help make a difference in the world, she decided to create a product she could sell to raise money for Parkinson's Disease Awareness. As a long time caregiver for a dear friend with Parkinson's Disease, she knows first hand of the viciousness of the disease.

"It is amazing to me that so many people's lives are impacted by PD and yet the public makes so little demand towards finding a cure," she stated. "I decided that the next step towards finding that cure is to raise awareness, and so I pledge my support to PDF, whose efforts to raise the consciousness of the American people deserve the support."

So she created the Helping Hand Cuff, a hip and handsome fashion accessory. Made of organic, vegan materials such as hand painted cotton and linen, each cuff is uniquely one of a kind and features a button of metal or wood. The unisex style is available in 3 sizes to accommodate any sized wrist. They are available here.

100% of the purchase price goes to Parkinson's Disease Foundation http://www.pdf.org/parkinson_awareness
Custom sizes and colors are also available.

If you are interested in selling the cuffs yourself to raise money for PD Awareness, elle will discount a 'wholesale' order. She even sells the pattern for $2 to those are wish to crochet a cuff for themselves. Proceeds from the sale of the pattern are also contributed to PDF.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Harry Langdon is selling prints of the photos he took of my fashions from the 80's (Vintage Fashions)
This one was a pretty cool design and an amazing photo.
The model's name is Dagmar. She was married to a musician in the band, Cheap Trick. She was German and had a lovely, European chic and attitude. She gave me the wonderful pearl and shell necklace she is wearing in the photo, which I still have to this day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yarnartist, Where Ya Been?

Q: We have been wondering what's up with you? You haven't written in your blog since last June.

A: I know. I feel terribly guilty about that.

Q: What have you been doing? Did you stop knitting?

A: Not hardly. I still knit and crochet constantly. But I've been working on a project I can't talk about and it sort of made it hard to write about knitting when most of my best stuff is a secret.

Q: Can you give us a hint?

A: Not yet. But I can show you one of the adjunct projects I've been working on:

A Tray of Sacred Mice

Q: Sacred Mice??????

A: Yes. They are filled with catnip and I have been selling them at my vet's to raise money for Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary 

And BTW, if you have a cat and live on the westside of Los Angeles, I can't recommend Dr. Beth at The Cat Practice more highly! She is wonderful and has been dedicated to helping me heal Figgy of her IBS.

Q: So let me get this straight - you have been working on a secret project that involves making catnip mice?

A: That's right. They are now for sale in my etsy shop with Free Shipping. All the money goes to Cedarhill.

Q: Can you explain why you call them 'sacred'?

A: Now that is the real tie-in with my secret project. But as it pertains to the mice, they are sacred because of the conscious intention I put into them, entwined with the fiber as I crochet them. Thoughts of love, good will and the sanctity of cats (and mice) for example.

Q: Can you elaborate?

A: I will close with this quote from Hermes Trismegistus:
"In all things, great and small, I see the Beauty of Divine Expression."

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Granny Cardigan

      This is basically EZ's Baby Surprise Sweater, worked as a Granny Hexagram. The instructions are not written as a pattern, more like a guide, and assume that you already know how to make a Granny Hexagram. If you don't there are thousands of resources on the net on how to do Granny Squares, including hexagrams, and even youtube videos.
I use ch3 between the 3dcs at each corner, not ch2 as she says in the video.

©2010, Ellene Warren. All rights reserved.
6 (8, 10) skeins Noro Kureyon (100% Wool, 50 gr, 100 meters each) or
comparable worsted weight
US K 6.5mm
OR: use any weight yarn you wish with an appropriate sized hook. It might be
necessary to come down one size with the hook for the edging.
Pattern Notes:
The sleeve length grows at the same rate the shoulder to
bottom grows, therefore, certain sizes are not possible to make using this formula. If
you desire a jacket whose length is greater than the sleeve length, you must add
more rows to the hem after sewing up the cardigan.
Likewise, a cropped jacket with long sleeves must be worked to the proper length
and then the sleeves are lengthened after sewing up the seams.
Make 2.
Begin with an invisible loop. Make a six-cornered Granny Hexagon. Continue until
one side is almost the length you want from shoulder to hem. There will be a
couple of additional rows of hdc plus some extra length from working additional
rows for circumference.
Mark the last side as the hem and begin working back and forth on just 5 sides until
the width of the hem equals your desired circumference (C) minus 6 – 8", divided
by 2, using this rule of thumb:
Small: C = 38 – 6 DIVIDED BY 2 equals 16"
Medium: C = 45 – 7
DIVIDED BY 2 equals 19"
Large: C = 52 – 8
DIVIDED BY 2 equals 22"
Now work back and forth on the last edge only of the 5 you have been working,
until you have an additional 3 (3½, 4)". End off.
Sew center back seam, fold as illustrated and sew sleeves. Add additional Rnds for
sleeves or back and forth at hemline for length if desired.
With one size smaller hook than body, sc evenly around opening and sleeve
edges, then 2 rows/rnds hdc. End off, weaving in all ends.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Leaning Towards Genius

But very, very garishly so...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hideous or Genius?

I just can't decide.

Yo Mama is finally done! I was planning to make her into a king sized bedspread, but I ran out of juice for this project.

Mostly because of the yarn, I must confess. It is KnitPicks Palette, a basic Shetland-type fingering weight wool. When they originally came out with it, I bought a ball in every color - it only cost $1.99 per ball! I combined some sock yarn called On-Line that I bought from Stitches From the Heart - had to have 2 balls (100 grams each) of every color they had.

Now the KnitPicks yarn, I didn't really like the colors or the texture. I felt the exact same way about the On-Line yarn, although I made a few things with it.

So in the perverse way I have of wanting to save the yarn I really love and using the yarn I don't really love, I started this Yoyo blanket.

It was a perfect, mindless modular project I could carry around with me, and that's exactly what I did for months and months. Perfect for waiting in the morning for Eden to come down for breakfast.

I started getting into the way it reminded me of millefiori.

It just kept growing.
My plans for it grew much faster than the project until I decided it would be a king sized blanket.

See how cool it looks laid over some cayenne pepper red sheets we have.

I put a photo of it in progress into my Ravelry notebook and shared it with my Modular group. People reacted positively and that kept me going for a while, but finally I couldn't take it any more and started another modular blanket, which I actually finished, and just kept Yo Mama where I couldn't avoid seeing her every day.

And finally, yesterday, I felt some love for her again. I pulled her out of the pile, opened her up, and came to the conclusion that I would never be interested in working on her again for the time it would take to make her into a king sized bedspread. But what I had there, with only another couple of days' work, would be a generously sized throw.

So I gave myself permission to redefine the project and release myself from the oppression.

I have a lot of motifs that I no longer need. I am not interested in making them into ANYTHING. I will put them into a bag along with the remaining yarn and add it to the yarn for the next destash sale.

An Aside - the gigantic destash sale at the ESSS was great! I was happy that people felt my prices were irresistible. I reduced my stash. I reconnected with some old knitting buddies and had a lovely time with 11 other knitting goddesses at lunch.

So I am finishing up a border and tomorrow I will block it and try to take some decent photos. Then you be the judge.

Is she Yo Mama, a garish, hideous testimony to time misspent, not even suitable for the back of the Conner's sofa?

Or is she Yo Mama Millefiori, who must be preserved in mothballs and handed down through the generations of W's to come?

P.S. Eden just came into my studio and his vote is an emphatic HIDEOUS. In fact, his next words were "It looks like the 70's came back and threw up in your lap."
So much for being handed down through my dna carriers.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Big Gigantic Yarn Sale!!!

Yes, the Yarnartist has been finally overtaken by her stash and must eliminate some of the evidence!

The sale will take place after the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers monthly meeting on April 17th 10:00 am-1:00 pm  at the Josyln Center in Recreation Park (Eucalyptus Dr at Grand Ave), El Segundo, California. See Map to find us.

Tons of yarn, some full bags, very affordably priced!  Lots of color collections for free-formers.

It has taken me days and days to sort through and price the yarn I am willing to release from my future. Let it become a part of yours!