Thursday, June 28, 2007

Knitting at LACMA

Eden's art class at LACMA began this week and I am really enjoying the break in my routine.

His class is from 11 - 2:30, five days a week. The museum is anywhere from 20-45 minutes from our house, depending on the T-Factor (traffic factor). There are WAAYY too many cars on our streets here in LA, sometimes unpredictably more than others, but that rant will be saved for another time, along with the unique way I calm myself as I maneuver it.

Since it would waste an hour or 2 for me to return home (to knit) and then go back and pick him up, I decided I would be knitting at LACMA every day and use that extra time productively.

It is so pleasant there. They don't open until 12, which leaves me an hour to shop at the Grove. I know you don't want to see the 8 shirts and Armani jacket I bought for Reese on Tuesday! (I collect yarn. He collects clothes...and books...and music...and shoes. This is why we need a bigger house...but I digress)

There are several lovely seating areas on a breezy patio where I can sit and knit and eavesdrop on other peoples' conversations.

A very nice cafeteria where I can buy just right the amount of only the ingredients I want from the salad bar, along with an ice tea.

And then I have a lovely couple of hours of working, occasionally stopping to talk to someone who comments on my knitting bag, or my project.

Is it any wonder I am feeling even more inspired than usual?

Stop and have lunch with me if you're in the area. And bring your knitting!