Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Pattern Finished

Reversible Cable Scarf and Gauntlets

I was in Stitches From the Heart last week with my Irish Hiker's Scarf and Ellen Bloom came in. "You know how to make the cable reversible?" She asked and then she told me. I bought 3 balls of Paton's SWS, went home, and whipped up this scarf and fingerless gloves.

I really like the yarn. It is wool and soy and feels a lot like merino and silk, very soft. There is no discernible twist to the yarn, so you can use my favorite join when attaching 2 balls - the spit join!

How do you do the spit join? Shred the ends of the two yarns for about 1.5", finger twist them together, then lick the palms of your hands and rub them together with the yarn in between. An invisible join with no knots or tails! It only works on animal fibers - you are sort of felting them together - and the lack of twist in the SWS makes it super easy.

I love the SWS long color blends. It would make a good substitute for Noro Kureyon if you think it is too scratchy. Of course, the colors can't be compared to Noro, my other favorite yarn besides Koigu.

I donated 25 patterns to SFTH to sell or give away with the purchase of 3 balls of SWS. I will also be selling the pattern as a download on my new website.

The new website is so ready to go live. If it were any closer, it would be breathing. I am just waiting for Jordana to tell me how to make it live.

I now have 17 patterns in my collection plus a kit plus a couple of downloads. It's funny - it takes so long to develop a pattern, knit or crochet the sample, photograph it, retouch the photos, set all the type, get the tech editing, and then print and package the whole thing. It seems like not much is being accomplished. Now I look back and see 17 patterns to show for a year's work (and that doesn't count all the knitting I did in addition) and I feel pretty good about the last year's productivity.