Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Won A Contest!

I am so excited! I won a haiku contest! Cara at januaryone
sponsored a contest to create a haiku from a list of words.

Here are the guidelines:
How to win: WRITE A HAIKU. But not just any haiku. YOU MUST USE AT LEAST THREE OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS IN YOUR HAIKU: january, one, rock(s), jet, fall, sheep, wool, feet (or foot), knit, yarn, pirate, fest, dude, fantastic, worm (that is WORM. With an O. My 5.5 yr old nephew gave me that one.) AND EVERY HAIKU MUST USE THE WORD SOCK. (So that means FOUR REQUIRED WORDS.)As a lark (and another great moment of procrastination) I submitted the following:

Glad I'm not a worm,
No feet, no socks, no fingers,
Couldn't even knit.

And today Cara sent me an e-mail that I was one of the chosen winners! You can read the others (really much better than mine) on her blog. And while you are there, be sure to check out her banner. The incredibly beautiful photos change (a great way to procrastinate getting back to work)

Here is a photo of the prize yarn. Will let you know which one she sends me.