Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well, working that scarf did inspire me to make something new. I made a pillow using some yarns I bought from Stitches donated bin. It was very simple and a little cuter than the scarf (but not stranded color blends - I'll leave that to CES) I will probably submit it to a mag first, and if not accepted, publish the pattern myself. I am constantly torn between getting published elsewhere and accumulating a body of self-published work.

Back of Pillow in Progress

My new website is getting there. I'm putting in all the stuff for my patterns first, then it will go live. I'll add the wearables later.

All I really want to do is knit. Everything else is a distraction.
There are several frustrating things in my life I can't do anything about and the knitting is like therapy. The other stuff - writing patterns and the website, present their own frustrations (four day process just to get a Thawte secure certificate, another few days before that to get the Paypal account changed to be able to accept credit cards on my site instead of sending people over to Paypal)

Now I am becoming incredibly frustrated trying to put my items onto the shopping pages. I understand how to get the pictures and text in, but the product variations (like color choices) are making me nuts.

Knitting holds its own frustrations, but they are acceptable and manageable to me. When they become unmanageable, I just start something new. That's why I have 47 WIPS.

I'm trying to make the pattern writing process less frustrating by taking better notes as I work. What that means is I now have a notebook with better notes. I still hate to stop knitting to write up the patterns. I enjoy taking the pictures and posting them here, though, even if I only have 4 readers. Hello, my friends. You keep me going.