Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What I Got Today

I know this is backwards but I am saving time and using Photo Booth instead of my camera and apparently, it sees me like a mirror instead of like a camera.

This is the newest version of Creative Suite. I use Photoshop and InDesign for all my patterns and of course, Acrobat for my pdf files. I recently purchased a really cool interactive pattern from that genius, Carol Wulster.

To my chagrin, it wasn't fully functional in the version of Acrobat that has served me just fine for several years!

Time to upgrade. I was 'talked into' getting the upgrades for Dreamweaver and Flash, while I was at it. Now if only I could actually figure out how to use Dreamweaver!

The other (backwards ) picture is my dear copy of Pineapple Lace.

What a fabulous book! I love all the old doily crochet books, but some of them do not have charts and I can't abide the line by line directions written out. They make my eyes cross and I start feeling dyslexic.

Charts, on the other hand, make crocheting such a pleasure. And this book is pure pleasure (although if you are a written out kinda crocheter, it's in there, too)

Whenever I find a paperback book I know I am going to use to death, I chop off the covers, laminate them with my lamination machine (left over from when I was an art teacher) and have Kinko's spiral bind it. A $5 upgrade that makes sure it will last forever. Plus it opens flat, so it's much easier to work with.

Yes, but what am I knitting, you may ask! I can't show you yet. I've been working on NEW PATTERNS. Yeah! 4 or 5 new patterns. I will be debuting them here when they are done. My objective is to have them printed and ready to go to Stitches West in February.

I know that gives me lots of time, which in my case is dangerous as I am "La Procrastinator Extraordinaire" and will start 3,000 new projects if the deadline is not breathing down my neck. Now you know one of the secrets of my prolific-ness - procrastination on meeting deadlines.