Monday, November 12, 2007

Shruggity Shrug

A trio of shrugs completed for the Crafts Show.
This first one is called Blue Lagoon and is a combination of knit and crochet. I love this style and am working on writing the pattern for my pattern line. You all know how much I love writing patterns and how easy it is for me!!!

Much as I don't like writing patterns, I DO LOVE to make things. So I made another, this one in a size small, and it is called Fire.

And this last one is by the brilliant Annie Modesitt and was in Interweave Crochet last spring. It is called Lacy Leaf Cacoon. I used Knitpicks Shine Sport. If I were to ever make this one again, I would change the armholes and widen the sleeves a bit. Great pattern but lots of errors which won't bother you if you know what you are doing but would probably be quite confusing to someone new to crochet.

I couldn't find a button in my collection that was just right for this pattern (didn't like the crochet button included in the pattern) so I started going through my jewelry and found a red rhinestone ring Eden gave me for Valentine's Day when he was about 6.
I just spread apart the sides of the ring and voila! You do have to put the shrug on over your head, but a small price to pay for the perfect closure!