Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Report

Today I took a little workshop at Wildfiber from the Habu Textile Lady on how to read Japanese knitting patterns. Francesca has a great report about the Habu Trunk Show on her blog.

Japanese knitting patterns are so intelligently written - just a schematic with measurements and little shorthand info in boxes that tell you where and when to increase and decrease. These patterns assume that you already know how to knit and that you will determine yourself what kind of increases and decreases you want to use. There are practically no written words at all, making the patterns universal, once you understand how they are written. Very cool. Too bad we can't write more patterns that way - I tell you, I'd write a heck of a lot more patterns if that was all that was required.

There are some amazing Japanese pattern books available. They are probably the most inventive and creative country of knitters in the world. I own a lot of Japanese stitch dictionaries and they are quite inspirational.

Since I showed you photos of the crack I mean stash I bought last week, I am not going to photograph what I bought today. Let's just say they had a 50% off room filled with things that kept jumping into my basket.

Next week my order from Claudia comes. I have been wanting to kit up some of my patterns with yarn. Since it is impossible for me to consider selling Koigu (how would I be able to part with any of it?) I have chosen Claudia Handpaints as my kitting yarn. They called me at 5:55 this morning to say it would go out today. I have no idea where I will put my HUGE order. Since I must take over the living room to begin inventorying my wearable art for the November show, I guess putting a "small" amount of yarn there, too, will hardly matter.

Maurice mentioned today that maybe I need a real studio. Like in a separate building. My business seems to be outgrowing our home. We'll see...

Other Breaking News!!! Knitpicks has new needles. They are totally gorgeous! Of course I will let you know how I like them as soon as they arrive.