Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Couple of Originals

This is a kimono style sweater I created 'by ear'. I started with 3 stitches and built the lower back in one piece, then knit the top from cuff to cuff in one piece. As soon as I could, I clipped it together and began trying it on to get the proportions right. It really looks a lot better on me than on my paper doll, but there is no one here to take my picture. Why can't my cat be more useful?

This one has 3/4 sleeves with slits - very nice if you always like your sleeves pushed up anyway.

For the front band, I used the crochet stitch that Ana taught me. Now she has me as crazy about that stitch as she is.

The yarn is Berroco Love It Colors, and I do (love it). I finished this entire sweater in about 4 days. Working on Size 8 needles seems like a walk in the park after spending so much time designing in sock yarn on nothing bigger than a 3.

I don't intend to publish this pattern but I do plan on developing the idea with different yarns and combinations of yarn. I really like the body shape. I'm not big on cardigans but love jackets.

I am calling this one Wild Fiber Scarf. It is made from some of the yarn I brought home with me after taking that Japanese pattern class at Wildfiber in Santa Monica. The scarf looks better than it feels but I love the pattern and will work with some alternative fibers before publishing the pattern.

Speaking of alternate fibers - my wholesale order from Claudia came last week and I am undertaking putting some of my patterns originally written for Koigu into kit form. I intend to attend Stitches West in February, offering my patterns (and kits) for the first time to the public. I hope I can get in.

Speaking of shows, the Contemporary Crafts Market looms close. I wake up in the middle of the night, worrying about display fixtures, lighting, credit cards, etc. At this very moment I am procrastinating from doing the postcard layout by writing in my blog. If it weren't for procrastination, I'd probably never get anything done!

Today is Eden's first football game. He had me cut off his year's growth of Afro (photos later) and he looks FORMIDABLE! His shoulders look 10" wider (he wears a size 56 men's jacket - the 54 was too tight in the shoulders!) You saw his shoes. His hair filled up an entire wastebasket. This morning when he came down for school, I had forgotten about the haircut and was startled for a minute. With the Afro, he looked like a goofy (big) hippie (not counting the sagged jeans and black t-shirt that hangs to his knees) With the short hair he looks like..."Please don't hurt me, Mr. Blackman"

Look out, Millkin (the opposing team)