Sunday, March 04, 2007

Repeat Post

This is an abbreviated repeat of a very long and linked post I wrote yesterday that somehow just...disappeared.

I don't know what happened, but my little rainbow wheel started spinning and never stopped and I had to force my computer to shut down. When I rebooted, my post, which no kidding, took me an hour and a half to create, had vanished, all except the title.

It was traumatic and I have moved on. But here are a couple of things I have been working on.

This is the Melon Shawl from the cover of Victorian Knitting Today, a book which makes me want to stop everything and just knit the entire book from cover to cover, in the same exact yarns. Like I could stay focused that long!

I am using the same yarn as the book, Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Jelly, but it doesn't look so great in my photo. Also, it's not blocked yet. In real life, Reese says the color reminds him of some horrid carpeting in a hotel in Hawaii where we stayed about 25 years ago that gave us both serious rug burns! Well, I'll be sure not to wave this shawl in front of him if I have amorous plans!

This is Kitri, an amazing sock pattern by Tsarina. The turquoise yarn at the top is a provisional cast on. When you finish the sock, you pick up the stitches at the top of the cuff and knit on a little black beaded lace cuff. The pattern is about 29 pages, with charts and photos, and came with yarn and also the black yarn was pre-strung with the beads! All this for only $32! How do you do this, Tsarina?

I received a complaint that my Flower Sock was too expensive. I replied that I think other designers undervalue their work. But anyway, the Flower Sock and the Adult Pansy are finally up on my website and I think that's about all the info that was in my lost post, except I wrote it much more charmingly yesterday.