Thursday, March 29, 2007

M I Nutz?

I finished the tank top for Blue Moon Fiber Arts yesterday! Actually, it was finished a few weeks ago, it was the pattern that wasn't finished till yesterday. Always my least favorite thing about designing - writing up the pattern. This time, instead of just taking notes, I actually wrote the pattern out as I worked, so it was really very easy (relatively speaking) to actually write the pattern.

Wish I could share a photo but I want Blue Moon to be the ones to reveal it, since it is theirs, so I will just show you this little tease.

Then, to celebrate, I went to Target and shopped! Going through the check-out line, I realized I had forgotten my 10% off discount card. I had spent over an hour going through EVERY isle, and rather than put things back, I just paid full price! (ouch)

My favorite purchase was this handbag! $17!!! Such a deal, even without the discount coupon.

And thanks to Crazy Aunt Purl, Figaro is now the proud owner of a Kitty Krinkle Kave! I filled it with catnip and after standing at the opening for a good 15 minutes to make sure it wasn't a trap to get her to the vet, Figaro went in and spent the rest of the day in stoned out kitty bliss.

Eden calls it the Kitty Krack House. I will spare you the picture. There are enough knitting blogs with adorable cat pictures already.

Then, my nutty shopomania really kicked in as I drove to A Mano, my favorite LYS! I really needed just one ball of Kidsilk Haze to complete this shawl from Victorian Knitting Today. They say you need 3 balls, but they lie - it is definitely 4! Although A Mano had the same color, it was not the same dyelot, and although I could see the difference, I bought it anyway, and although I knew I would not be happy with the contrast, I went ahead and knit with it anyway.

I am going to stop now and see if perhaps Knitter's Studio has one more ball in the same dyelot. I am not too optimistic, as I purchased this yarn quite a few months ago, but we will see. they don't open till 11AM, so there is just enough time to complete this posting.

And here is the nutty part. A Mano was FILLED with new yarn. I mean, it was all over the floor and the table and every flat surface of the store as they were marking the prices and reorganizing the shelves.

Something overcame my senses MUST. BUY. YARN. took over.

Someday, I will be strong enough to override this brain glitch I have. The yarn starts telling me what it must become and I can only agree. Get out the plastic. I know I am not alone. I know many, many people make a living because of this yarn thing so many of us have. My darling doesn't mind. I think he finds it amusing and plays along with my obsession, saying it is important to keep my creativity fueled.

I fell in love with these adorable little ebony sock needles from Lantern Moon. Maybe it was the little silk bag they came in. I completely forgot that I already bought a set of these in the same size and that one broke the minute I started knitting with it.

And some new sock yarn to go with it. If all I did was knit socks from now until I turn 93, I don't think I would run out of sock yarn. But the creative possibilities! And the yummy colors!

And then I fell for this beautiful Rio de la Plata Kettle Dyed wool from Uruguay. Forget that anything I make from it will be too expensive to sell and too warm to wear in Los Angeles. I bought 5 balls. And 3 of the Kid Seta. The color looked so yummy with the Rio.

And later that evening, I decided I should really have the other 5 balls of the Rio. Remembering what happened with the green Kidsilk, I don't want to be caught short in 2009 when I finally use this yarn.

I made a little game with myself. If I remember A Mano's number by heart and if they are still there at 7:30 PM, it means I should buy the rest of the bag.

Their number is 310-397-7170. I still know it by heart. They were having Knit Night. I was already out, picking up Eden and his buddy from the Promenade. Just by changing my route, I had to drive by their store on the way home.

And that is why I have 10 skeins in the photo!

And the little spool of ribbon just begged to come along with the rest!