Monday, March 26, 2007

3 Days' Work

For the last 3 days, I have been packaging bead paks for the Beaded Garden Party Scarf pattern. It is a long and strenuous activity that involves a lot of reorganizing of my workroom to get to the supplies. When I do it, I think about how little profit there is in it, and yet, how pricey the pattern is. When a strand of beads explodes as I am separating a bundle, I am SURE there is not enough profit in it and wonder why I persist.

This is a finished Beaded Garden Party Scarf. You can buy it here.

I decided to sell the pattern with beads because for someone without a big stash of beads, it would be very much more expensive (and time-consuming) to gather up the right color combinations and novelty beads.

This is a picture of the contents of one pak.
The colors in the paks coordinate with the basic seed bead color, with a little tonal variation. Whenever possible, I use AB (aurora borealis) or irridescent or luster beads. They are always more beautiful to me.

When choosing the yarn for the scarf, I like there to be a slight contrast between the beads and the yarn color, so the beads really stand out. The pink and red scarf pictured above has red beads, which blend in with the yarn.

This one has more contrast and the beads really stand out better.

A funny thing about this scarf. I have had not one, but TWO of them stolen. One from a yarn store I loaned it to and the other, from my Knitter's Night Out meeting.

What do you think that means?