Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Modular Project

This time I'm knitting a blanket made of one square from each of Claudia Hand Paints fingering weight - she has 108 colorways! I will have to add a few to make the blanket come out right.

I'm actually using the knitting machine to make the squares which are going to be about 5" square. After blocking them, I will crochet around each one with the same color - not sure what that color will be. The thing I am really looking forward to is have all the squares blocked and playing them out. Then I will know what color the borders should be and what else I need to make it as stunning as possible. Then sew or latch it together and put on a border.

I would have really liked to hand knit or crochet each piece because I just love the way Claudia does her colors and I have so much pleasure just watching them change. But my goal is to have it done by Christmas, which I don't think is realistic, considering all the other deadlines I have. But I am an optimist and also perform best with the pressure of deadlines.

What I really want is to have it done by TNNA so Claudia can display it in her booth. My other deadlines are the new patterns I need to have finished by then, too.

My fingers just can't keep up with my brain!

The best thing is all my holiday knitting is done, so I can devote myself totally to this and also, to getting the new addition to my e-boutique, to be announced at a later date.