Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mo' Flower Power

Mo as in mohair!

A little story: When my son was in elementary school, I started an art and needlework program at his school. One year I taught everyone in grades 2-5 how to knit. The unit began with me bringing in samples of many different types of fiber and explaining how yarns were made. We talked about where the fiber came from - plants, animals, chemicals, etc. In summary, I asked "Where does wool come from?" "Sheep!!!" the children yelled. "Where does cotton come from?" "Plants!" the children responded. And where does mohair come from?" One little voice replied uncertainly "Moles?"

Anyway, the above scarf is Flower Power made up in Claudia Handpaints Mole hair, I mean Mohair! See the crystals on the fringes? One skein made this entire very long scarf! I will be putting up the pattern, yarn and beads as a kit on my site later today or tomorrow.