Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Guess You Could Say...

... that Berroco makes some of my favorite commercially produced yarns. When I saw this yarn I just had to have some.

Yarn: Berroco Sox
Colorway: 1425 John Moores
Pattern: My own basic toe-up with short row heel and stretchy bind-off on 58 sts, Size 1 needles.

Secret for getting the stripes to match: Before beginning, pull out yarn and start at a place where the color/pattern is clearly beginning to change. Measure long tail if using long tail cast-on. This is much easier to find than a random beginning point when you are ready to start the second sock.

Love the way these socks look - really enjoyed knitting with the yarn as the color and pattern changes were so pleasing to my aesthetic sense. However...they itch. So into the gift bag they go, waiting for the perfect owner to be revealed.

More on socks: I finished writing up the pattern for the Electric Flower Socks for Tops and Toes, due out next February.

I am proud to say that for once I didn't procrastinate and actually sent the pattern and sample off more than a week ahead of the due date!!!

Could this be a new trend? I sure hope so. I love the sense of freedom I feel now, except there are a few more deadlines and promises I must keep before I am really free of pressure.