Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Still Sick

But does that stop me from needing to create?

Nooooo!!! But what I'm creating is not too great! Well, maybe it will be considered great by one (now fully grown) rag doll kitty named Alfie, my catphew.

How could anyone not fall in love with this little face?

Or the little toe tufts?

I made him this blanket to set off his beautiful blue eyes. It is a section of the Lion Brand free pattern called Circles to Squares
from Vanna's Choice yarn. I admit to being a yarn snob and never work with acrylic yarn, but a kitty blanket needs to be washable and basically indestructible. I have been listening to Lion Brands' podcast and they interviewed Vanna White recently, and were so complimentary about her yarn that I slunk out of my flu-bed and took advantage of Michaels $2 a ball yarn sale.

I also really appreciate that she is donating a part of her share to a children's charity, although I am still foggy and can't remember which one.

The yarn was fine for the purpose, but if I were ever to make an afghan for myself (don't hold your breath on that one) I would want it to be made from something real, even if it had to go to the dry cleaner's. But that's just me.