Friday, April 13, 2007

I Just Love This Yarn

Even though it is a total PIA to wind (the skein is too big for my swift and I had to resort to the wide open knees method and it keeps knotting) and a PIA to work with (hard to see the stitches).

But the yarn (100% nylon) gleams like jewels and the colors take my breath away. Both the intensity and the color changes.

What is it? Blue Moon Fiber Arts Lupe, 100% nylon boucle, color Rooster Rock. I am finishing up my 2nd design for BMFA. It is a crocheted scarf which uses Lupe in combination with Silkmo, both the same colorway but an interesting contrast since the Silkmo takes the same colors and dulls them way down.

Wish I could show you the scarf, but you will have to wait to see it at Blue Moon.