Monday, December 04, 2006

Scarf Style 'Color on Color'

A super effective procrastination project. Instead of working on my next assignment - a goatee! or Reese's birthday sweater (almost done - just one sleeve to sew on and then sew up the side - I started this beautiful scarf. I always wanted to make it, and found an online store that was offering all the yarns in a kit. Now I'm supposed to be on a yarn fast, but something came over me and before I had time to pull my will power out of the closet, I had pulled my credit card out of my purse and ... ooops.

So you can see why when it arrived a couple of days later, I just had to start it!

And I HATE IT SO MUCH. It's not the colors - I ADORE the colors! I don't mind changing colors and the fairisle and intarsia. Actually, I have been playing with ideas along these lines in my designer dream notebook, and thought this project would warm me up for my own work.

What I hate is THE YARN. It is wool tapestry yarn. It is scratchy! It comes in these tiny little skeins. You must separate the 3 strands and use only one or 2 at a time. You must hunt through every skein for the correct number. Before you can change colors you must do this process and then wind the remaining strand around the band so you don't lose track of its number.

It is slow and painful and I don't like the way it feels or the way the stitches look. I actually started making it on the knitting machine, but I'm not about to turn every other row with a garter bar for the garter stitch. You can be sure the i-cord will be made on the machine. If I ever get to it.

There were a few colors missing from the kit. I didn't bother to inform the store because I don't want to wait to receive the missing yarn, so I'm improvising. I'm about a whisker away from improvising on the pattern, too, which is starting to get to me.

Here are all the remainders. You have to keep them because the pattern calls for them later on. Every time you get to a new color (about every 10 minutes) you need to look through each remainder and then through the unseparated ones.

I'm listening to Autobiography of a Yogi while I work on this, so it is keeping me from flipping out.