Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What I Knit and Crocheted on My Summer Vacation

This is a crocheted shawl pattern from Karabella (#309). I went into A Mano one day and Annette was working on this pattern. I fell in love with the photo and bought her only copy (sorry). I've been looking all over online to find a place to point anyone who falls as hard as I did, but to no avail. Maybe Annette could order more if you ask her.
The yarn I used is from Elann, called Peruvian Baby Silk. It is made of 15 crocheted hexagons that are then sewn together and the ruffle is crocheted last. I still have a few rows to go on the ruffle, and haven't blocked the ruffle yet. It took about 18 balls, but at $2.50/ball, it was quite a good value. I've been working on it mostly while waiting at vocal therapy for Reese three times a week.

Here is a close up of the pattern. If you look carefully, you can see the seams where the motifs join.

Last week at Lake Arrowhead, I only brought 2 projects. This one, a pair of Jaywalker socks by Grumperina from magknits, is for a dear friend who shall remain nameless because he might read the blog and I want him to be surprised. The yarn is from A Mano by Socks That Rock in a colorway called Smoky Topaz that isn't on their website.

Now here is what drives me nuts about Socks That Rock yarn:
This is how far you get with one ($20) skein. I know I could have made the cuffs, heels and toes from something else and maybe it would have stretched enough to complete one pair with one skein, but I thought it would detract from the beautiful pattern. so I'm going back to A Mano today and hoping they have another skein. They had quite a few when I bought this and the popular colors are the bright ones, so I feel pretty confident.

Now about that pattern: I would have finished these socks (if I'd had enough yarn) but I had to frog the first one TWICE after knitting halfway down the leg each time. First I started with the larger size. WAAYY tooo Large. Would have fit a bear. The smaller size was also too large. So I had to devise my own adjustment, casting on only 68 sts and it was very easy to adjust the pattern. I am not a loose knitter! These are size 1 needles! I didn't want to come down to zero because I only had these size 1's with me! I didn't want to wait till I got home and the only yarn store in the area didn't have 0's. As an aside, it was a cute yarn store, called "The Yarn Store", in Skyforest, about 10 minutes from where we were staying, but I was strong and refrained from purchasing.

I worked on another project while I was there but I am not ready to share the photos yet. I will drop a few hints, though. It is from Koigu, it is crocheted, it has beads, it is modular, and I will publish the pattern myself if it doesn't get accepted by the place where I will be submitting it. Here is a little photo tease:

And a final note. Please leave a comment if you are reading this blog, because I feel terribly guilty about taking time away from my work and if no one is out there being entertained, then what am I doing this for?