Monday, May 26, 2008

Flower Shoulder Sweater

This one was actually finished a long time ago but I never got around to photographing it. Since I am including it at CCM and hoping it will sell, I decided I better get some shots of it before it's too late.

I bought the yarn from Loopy Ewe and made the sweater immediately! The colors just knocked me out. It is from Scarlet Fleece, fingering weight, and the three colors are named Hibiscus, Sunflower and Bird of Paradise. Initially, there was a bird of paradise flower in the center panel, but it didn't look right, so of course, I sewed a lot of crystal and beads on, too. But it still didn't please me so I took it off and decided to leave the center panel plain.

I am happy with the hibiscus on the right shoulder

And the sunflower on the left shoulder.