Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Staying on Target

This weekend I had a big revelation and made a decision! I guess I have been leading up to this for a while, but something happened this weekend that put it all into perspective.

The revelation - that I am preventing myself from reaching my goals by scattering my assets (meaning my time, talent and creativity) Like many creative people, there are so many things that interest me and so many skills I have developed over the years. But there is only so much time in the day and all of the things I love take lots of time.

I wish I could mention the names involved, but that would be indiscreet. But what happened is I went to listen in on a consultation with a Big Star for a wig project. This Big Star is a gorgeous woman for whom I used to make clothes back in my past life. She is still gorgeous, even more of an icon, and getting ready to do another fabulous 'thing' (could I be any more vague?) So here I am, reconnecting with her about 20 years later, and this time, not as a costume designer, but as a sub-contractor wig ventilator.

Meanwhile, I was intending to put aside work in both pattern writing and getting ready for a wearable art show at the beginning of June so I can meet the excruciatingly close deadline for this wig. The prospect of 10 days of intense, extreme boredom lies ahead. About 100 hours of tying double knots in individual hairs lies ahead. Meanwhile, my show will be getting closer and closer. Meanwhile, my stress level will be rising higher and higher.

For what? The $, while impressive, is only $. The 10 days will be gone and I'll never get them back.

So I walked away - not just from this particular job, but from wig-making all together. And I felt that instant sense of relief that comes from being put back into my proper place in life and is a validation of a correct decision.

I made an agreement with myself that I will stay on track from now on. After my first priority (family) I am committed to devoting myself to the 2 businesses that really interest me - wearable art being #1 and pattern publishing as #2.

This is Foot Fetish. It is the 2nd sock design for DRG Publishing Tops and Toes, which will be out next February. The sample and pattern should be finished this afternoon. I am feeling so liberated, so relieved, and looking forward to the future once again!

And very grateful that my reconnecting with Big Star illuminated to me that I want to go forward, not backward!