Thursday, February 14, 2008

16 Years Ago

16 years ago this day, I was sent home from the hospital with a tiny, helpless 6 pound boy who now tops 6 feet and weighs in at over 270 pounds! He is no longer helpless, but still rather clueless.

No one warned me that the sweet little bundle of joy was going to turn into a hairy refrigerator emptying machine.

As I was patiently enjoying him saying his first little words, no one warned me about the words that would someday be coming out of his mouth.

Or that those sweet little feet would become huge, size 16 things that would be itching to walk out the door.

I should have known. After all, I was once a teenager myself.

I admit it, I never thought beyond carrying him around in a little basket, reading him stories and singing lullabies, and then playing childhood games with a sweet little boy who I would help mold into the kind of man who would have all the strength of character and gentleness of spirit I saw in my dreams.

Ha, ha!

But still, I am glad I have him and I believe, in my deepest heart, that he will grow up into that man I described above, and even more than that.

In the mean time, I have my knitting...