Sunday, February 11, 2007

It Wasn't the Dress...

It was me!

I am so accustomed to designing clothing that looks good on me, I just assumed that since it didn't look good on me, it wasn't a good design.

I can't tell you what agonies I have been going through regarding my Adult Pansy - making it into a blouse, folding under a hem, seriously considering throwing it into the UFO pile and forgetting about the whole thing. Finally, I put it on the dress form and there was the truth - right in front of my face.

It looks adorable as a dress, just the way I designed it!

I am just not the model for it.

So there you go - I am not the lace mini dress type anymore. I am more the lace-tunic-with-lots-of extra-width-so-it-can-hang drapingly-from-my-shoulders-with-no-flashy-little-trim-around-my-hips type. Not quite Maude, but getting there...

Putting it more positively, I am trading youth and beauty for patience, wisdom and mastery.

So now that this is understood, all I need to do is write and edit the two patterns (flower sock, is the other), format and print them, and get everything ready for my trunk show and class at A Mano this coming weekend.

Also, it is Eden's birthday on Wednesday, with all the festivities that entails. Special dinner on Wednesday and party for his pals on Friday.

Patience, wisdom and mastery are really a better deal than youth and beauty, right?