Sunday, January 07, 2007

Holiday Gifts Revealed

Now that they have been given out, I can show you some of the gifts I made for friends and family for the holidays.

Here are some beaded, knitted bracelets. I bought the original kit from Earth Faire. If you click on this link, you will see a bracelet kit for Valentine's Day that is just gorgeous. They are knitted on 0 needles - not really as bad as you would think. It takes longer to put the beads on than it does to make the entire bracelet. The boxes were purchased from a bead store in Pasadena, where I went to buy more beads to make more bracelets (like I didn't already have enough beads in my stash)

This is my Reversible Cable Scarf and Gauntlets, made in Foliage instead of Paton's SWS, as called for in the pattern. I gave this one to my niece and the Foliage to her mom, my sister. Her birthday happens to be today, and her gift isn't finished yet. Happy Birthday Julie! I know you love to keep those gifts rolling in all month!

This is the Charlotte's Web I made in Applelaine Yarn. It was for my other niece, Aimee. She loves purple. At 8 years old, I must say she has learned how to crochet and knit faster than any other student I've ever taught, including adults!

And this last photo is a new pattern I am working on for Koigu. It is called Electric Sox and will include 3 different sock patterns, all with beads knitted in (electric...the beads look like they are tiny light bulbs) This one is called Electric Flowers. There are also Electric Zig Zag and Electric Argyle. I will post pictures as they are completed and will link to the pattern when it is finished.

I'm also working on a couple of other patterns for Koigu (sweaters) and hope to have them finished in time for Stitches West in February.