Thursday, June 22, 2006

Willa's Famous Dump Cake

The following is the 'recipe' for Willa's famous dump cake, a dessert that couldn't be easier to make and has become quite popular with my Knitter's Night Out group.

Spread your fruit-filling of choice on the bottom of a baking pan. You can use pie filling, fruit cocktail, fresh fruit (need to add liquid) or whatever. This month's choice was Trader Joe's peach sauce.
Dump and spread the contents of one box of cake mix on top of the filling. Just the dry cake mix - do not prepare it in any way. This month's choice was Duncan Hines Yellow cake. Willa is particularly fond of French Vanilla. I just buy whatever is on sale and keep a few boxes on hand.
Melt one stick of butter. Drizzle it all over the cake mix. (You didn't think this was low calorie, did you?)
Bake at 350˚ for about an hour.