Sunday, June 06, 2010

Granny Cardigan

      This is basically EZ's Baby Surprise Sweater, worked as a Granny Hexagram. The instructions are not written as a pattern, more like a guide, and assume that you already know how to make a Granny Hexagram. If you don't there are thousands of resources on the net on how to do Granny Squares, including hexagrams, and even youtube videos.
I use ch3 between the 3dcs at each corner, not ch2 as she says in the video.

©2010, Ellene Warren. All rights reserved.
6 (8, 10) skeins Noro Kureyon (100% Wool, 50 gr, 100 meters each) or
comparable worsted weight
US K 6.5mm
OR: use any weight yarn you wish with an appropriate sized hook. It might be
necessary to come down one size with the hook for the edging.
Pattern Notes:
The sleeve length grows at the same rate the shoulder to
bottom grows, therefore, certain sizes are not possible to make using this formula. If
you desire a jacket whose length is greater than the sleeve length, you must add
more rows to the hem after sewing up the cardigan.
Likewise, a cropped jacket with long sleeves must be worked to the proper length
and then the sleeves are lengthened after sewing up the seams.
Make 2.
Begin with an invisible loop. Make a six-cornered Granny Hexagon. Continue until
one side is almost the length you want from shoulder to hem. There will be a
couple of additional rows of hdc plus some extra length from working additional
rows for circumference.
Mark the last side as the hem and begin working back and forth on just 5 sides until
the width of the hem equals your desired circumference (C) minus 6 – 8", divided
by 2, using this rule of thumb:
Small: C = 38 – 6 DIVIDED BY 2 equals 16"
Medium: C = 45 – 7
DIVIDED BY 2 equals 19"
Large: C = 52 – 8
DIVIDED BY 2 equals 22"
Now work back and forth on the last edge only of the 5 you have been working,
until you have an additional 3 (3½, 4)". End off.
Sew center back seam, fold as illustrated and sew sleeves. Add additional Rnds for
sleeves or back and forth at hemline for length if desired.
With one size smaller hook than body, sc evenly around opening and sleeve
edges, then 2 rows/rnds hdc. End off, weaving in all ends.